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Digital products & services

We are a team of designers and strategists who live, breathe and dream digital. Our approach is strategic, our tool is design.

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Putting The Customer in Control

Telia has decided to give back control to its customers. In 2017, the telco chose to rebuild its digital selfservice experience from the ground up.
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DR Koncerthuset

New website for DR Koncerthuset

Designed by the famous French architect, Jean Nouvel, DR Koncerthuset is home to the Danish National Symphony Orchestra as well as the Danish National Chamber Orchestra, Danish National Vocal Ensemble ...
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Rethinking the customer journey

It is very easy to panic and start launching new campaigns left, right and center if one’s position is challenged. It requires skill and patience to do the right thing. Topdanmark knew that understanding their customers’ needs, pains and digital habits would be paramount to being truly successful online.
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