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Denmark’s strategically strongest digital agency

“Finally, a new agency marks itself in the analysis. THINK is a young agency and is included for the first time – at an overall 6th place. But if you look at the agency’s development as such, it is not necessarily a surprise.

THINK has doubled in size in two consecutive years – and in the last known financial year, this actually meant a growth of 10 million kr. It looks like an agency, you should keep your eyes on.” Bureaubiz.

A 6th place among all the analysis’ 27 digital agencies and a recognition as the most strategic among the agencies – something we are happy and satisfied with. In 2016, we will focus even more on our knowledge of the market and show our abilities in the creative field because strategic thinking and creative execution are inextricably linked.

Read about the analysis here.

Rosenvængets Allé 25
2100 København Ø
+45 31 64 01 00
CVR: 33 95 24 73