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THINK delivers strong financial results for 2015

For the fourth consecutive year, THINK has delivered solid financial results. We’ve come out of 2015 with 4.0 million DKK on the bottom line and a gross margin of 24.0 million DKK. As well as meeting our goals for the year, THINK has grown to over 30 employees and welcomed some exciting new clients – all of which we’re exceedingly proud. Now we’ll look forward to 2016, where we’ll see expansions in our office on Rosenvængets Allé, increased focus on creativity and design, and more fantastic projects.


“A lot of exciting things have happened in 2015. We are particularly pleased that MyResearch ranks THINK as the 6th most renowned digital agency in Denmark – but most of all, we are proud of being recognised as the digital agency with the best strategic skills.” Mads Gustafsen

You can call Mads at +45 3164 0100, if you’d like to know more or read the full report at

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