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Designing a companion app for BroBizz

Every day thousands of Danes use the BroBizz payment service for paying toll to cross bridges, getting on ferries, for paying road tolls in Norway and Austria, and for paying for parking in Danish airports.

Ufortunately, the high number of users also meant a high number of calls to the customer service center. Typically the customers wanted to check whether the broBizz RFID unit was still active or ask about pricing for this or that ferry or bridge.

The new BroBizz app is designed to answer these questions up front. The customer should always feel secure that the RFID unit is active, that the credit card behind it is valid and should never be in doubt about the pricing of the many BroBizz partners' offerings.

Battling Failure Demand

One of the design's primary KPIs was a reduction in the number of calls to customer service. Many calls were the direct result of failure demand: Customers calling with questions when the answers to which they should have been able to find online. In fact, customer service reported that 28% of all calls came from customers who either wanted to check whether their device was still working, or simply wanted to update their credit card details.

Despite a very high awareness of the Brobizz brand itself, surveys showed a low level of awareness in terms of what the BroBizz could offer. In fact, 24% of all calls to customer service included questions about where and how to use the BroBizz for paying. With this in mind, BroBizz decided that it was time to shine some light on its many business partners, who range from bridges, ferries, airport parking services to toll roads.

Agile design process

THINK worked on-premises for the duration of the project along side developers from Greener Pastures and a dedicated team from BroBizz. This arrangement enabled the team to make the most of an agile environment, where continuous improvements could be made with every sprint. For Brobizz, it was an entirely new way of working.

Together with BroBizz and Greener Pastures, THINK designed an app that focuses on three primary challenges: improved login flow, clear usage overview, and easy to access partner offerings. The login flow was redesigned to be both simple and intiutive, making it easier for customers to log in. Once logged in, the device status could be updated in realtime, letting the customer know if their Brobizz device was still active.

The app was also designed to provide customers with a clear usage overview, allowing them to keep track of both payments and trips. In addition, if a single household owns more than one BroBizz device, usage is tracked and presented individually.

Special attention was given to providing an easy to access overview of where the BroBizz can be used. Each partner offering is represented with iconography and photos that remain consistent throughout, so that customers maintain a clear interaction with the offer throughout their trip and payment history.

This project is an integral part of Brobizz' future vision, which includes creating a strong digital presence. That's why after Easter this year, the app will also support PayByPlate - making it a remote control for transponder-free payment for customers travelling over the Great Belt Bridge.

App Store Optimization

To boost the presence of the app in the Apple App Store, we applied something called App Store Optimization (ASO). Just as one can optimize web pages for Google, an app can be optimized so that it becomes more visible in the App Store's search results as well as the You May Also Like... listings.

In the crowded universe that is the Apple App Store, ASO has become an increasingly important discipline for brands seeking to gain visibility.

The BroBizz app launched in December of 2017 and by February 2018 we had already registered more than 50.000 downloads, resulting in more that 700 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5.