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Rethinking the customer journey

The pension and insurance industry is undergoing considerable change these days:

  • Customers are becoming more disloyal and cost driven.
  • Service is becoming a commodity.
  • The traditional business model is being challenged by new, innovative players offering digitally driven solutions at a much cheaper price. Going digital means that they are free to innovate without the hindrance of heavy organizational systems.

Topdanmark knew this. To reclaim their position as Denmark’s leading provider of pension and insurances they worked closely with THINK to rework their digital services. In 7 months we redesigned Topdanmark’s entire website, including the important online customer services.

Stop and think

It is very easy to panic and start launching new campaigns left, right and center, if one’s position is challenged. It requires skill and patience to do the right thing. Topdanmark knew that understanding their customers’ needs, pains and digital habits would be paramount to being truly successful online. They also knew that doing the right thing would not only prove more cost effective in the long run, but it would save time. Topdanmark worked with THINK to create a digital strategy based on user insight and a thorough understanding of the customer experience: What IS insurance to people? What do the customer expect from an online service? And how to fulfil the brand promise in that all important “moment of truth”?

Customer self-service area – Mit Topdanmark

The first step in the digital roadmap was to improve the current client area which did not serve their customers’ needs or abilities. In fact, it drove many customers to pick up the phone and call customer service instead.

THINK designed a new interface based on user insights and a series of user tests. The new client area is based on top-task navigation. This makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for with a single click. Being responsive it accomodates to the users’ needs for access 24/7 on any device.

A tight co-operation with Topdanmark’s developer team made it possible to adapt critical web services and legacy backend systems to accommodate for a user centred design.

Design and front-end development

THINK’s UX designers, visual designers and front-end developers moved into Topdanmark’s headquarters for 8 weeks and were assimilated into Topdanmark’s internal website team – which already comprised a product owner, project managers and back-end developers. Working as a single entity, the team brought a responsive, user-focussed, conversion driving website to life:

entire process took 7 months from start to launch: A new internal record for Topdanmark and a feat only possible for a tight knit team with the skills and mandate to quickly implement the user centred designs deep into the fabric of the logical layers.