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MyResearch: THINK #1 digital agency measured on brand position

MyResearch has just released its 2017 MyImage report on digital agencies in Denmark. THINK has been ranked as the top digital agency when it comes to brand position (which is basically a measure of how well we do our job). We are regarded as the best digital agency overall and in the following four disciplines in particular:

  • Strategically strongest agency
  • Best agency at understandinding our clients’ businesses
  • Best agency at putting the most recent digital know-how to use
  • Best able to integrate communication solutions

We are incredibly proud of this ranking. Brand position is all about our ability to deliver and to help our clients. To us, that is what matters most. More so than awareness or brand strength.

That said, we do agree with the mentioned need to work on awareness within our target group. In 2017 we changed our name from Think! Digital to the shorter and sweeter THINK, and that clearly impacted awareness in a negative manner. So, we will work hard in the coming year to communicate the ways in which user centred design, innovation and design driven digitisation are the most important strategic tools a C-level toolbox can have. Our aim is to make THINK top-of-mind among key decision makers at the largest Nordic companies.

Read about the analysis in Markedsføring (in Danish).